Another pension hike just widens divide between young and old

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By Eamon Delaney  This year, the budget saw the state pension raised again, by a fiver, just as it was last year. Indeed, the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said that he plans to do this every year from hereon. Before she left office, Joan Burton said she planned to do the same, increase the pension every year for four years. … Read More

Beware the unintended consequences of plain packaging

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By Bill Wirtz This week, Ireland became the fourth country to introduce mandatory plain packaging for tobacco. After Australia, France and the United Kingdom, Ireland attempts to be on the forefront of what seems to be the future of EU anti-tobacco policy. From now on, all tobacco products will have to be sold in a standardised pack with a greenish … Read More

A budget based on artificially high taxes and interest rates – again

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Comment on the Budget from Brendan Burgess, founder of During the Celtic Tiger years, we based our budgets on artificially inflated property and other tax receipts. We are making the same mistake now – basing our budgets on artificially high taxes and artificially low interest rates. The difference now is that we have €200 billion of borrowing which we … Read More

Job rate is impressive but the taking part is what counts

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By Cormac Lucey One of the clearest signs of Ireland’s economic recovery since the dark days of 2011 and 2012 has been the sharp drop in the unemployment rate. Having peaked above 15%, it fell to 6.1% in September. The national unemployment rate has shifted more than four-fifths of the way back to the bubble-era low levels of a decade … Read More

The Public Health Alcohol Bill is Bad for Ireland

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By Ryan Khurana The Public Health Alcohol Bill being debated in Ireland is one of the most draconian set of alcohol legislation in the EU. With the arbitrarily set aim of reducing yearly consumption to 9.1 litres of alcohol per person by 2020, the Bill would alter not only the makeup of Irish supermarkets, but drastically affect its consumer culture. … Read More

Our complex housing crisis is worsened by a sense of entitlement

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By Eamon Delaney     in The Our current housing crisis has the potential to consume and divide our political landscape, for years to come. It’ll be just like the water controversy, except even more so, as that impasse was ended suddenly when the establishment basically gave in and surrendered to the public protest. Fine Gael wanted to stay … Read More

Budget 2018 – We Need Tax Relief for Working Families

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Political Debate Must Be Based on Factual Analysis At the 2011 General Election, the main political parties indicated that tax increases would represent 27-42% of budgetary austerity, with spending cuts making up the balance. Official government data indicates that tax increases constituted 42% of budgetary adjustment over that period. Correcting for misclassification (of tax/revenue increases incorrectly classified as spending reductions) … Read More