Gardai need to lose their special victim status and modernise

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By Eamon Delaney One extraordinary aspect about the ongoing crisis in our Gardai force is the fixation on management and the eagerness to exempt the Garda rank and file from being part of the problem. Our politicians rightly praise our Gardai for their service and frontline bravery, but let’s be honest : it wasn’t Noirin O’Sullivan who willingly did all … Read More

How Michael O’Leary could transform Irish politics

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  By Paul Molloy Could Michael O’Leary run for the Dail, win a seat and in a short time build a Dail majority and become the Taoiseach ?. Emmanuel Macron has proved it possible; amazing, because he did so in a country with a population of 67 million. Why do I believe Taoiseach O’Leary is possible? Firstly, because he has … Read More

EU costs on Irish Language show how we export our illusions and hypocrisy

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By Eamon Delaney  Last week, it was revealed that the European Commission had overspent its €220 million translation budget and had to supplement the cost from other sources. One small but telling reason is the cost of translation into the Irish language, which almost nobody is listening to or even reading in Brussels, which is twice the average rate for … Read More

Capitalism is a rigged game — but one we’re far better off playing

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By Cormac Lucey A columnist with The Irish Times recently wrote that the global financial crisis had revealed that capitalism was rigged as “no accountability was ever apportioned: few were arrested or jailed”. He also referred to global income and wealth inequality as evidence to support his case. The column was written by Chris Johns, a blue-chip capitalist and formerly … Read More

The unthinkable alliance looms – a Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein Government

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Eamon Delaney    Irish Independent So Conor McGregor defied the critics and lasted ten rounds with the skilled Floyd Mayweather. The Crumlin man made the transition to ‘respectable’ boxing and came out of it enriched (in all senses) and wasn’t broken or humiliated. What would happen if Sinn Fein made a similar transition to ‘respectable’ politics and got into the … Read More

Doubling Ireland’s ‘global footprint’ is a rash and expensive move

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Eamon Delaney Never mind the actual problems here at home – the housing crisis, with a now added student accommodation crisis, which we should have seen coming. And the ongoing health crisis, with record-breaking trolly numbers, and a Minister finally admitting what we’ve always known : that the health unions are a huge impediment to HSE reform. But no-one in … Read More

Let’s look at the number of people who “don’t want work”

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By Cormac Lucey The Central Bank of Ireland may be best known for its management of monetary policy, yet it is also a significant centre of Irish economic research and — beneath the arcane academic language and uninteresting titles — these papers can contain some very interesting information and analysis. Consider a recent paper titled A Non-Employment Index for Ireland, … Read More

We should stop talking down Brexit plans and face reality

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By Cormac Lucey During a recent interview for his podcast The Stand, Eamon Dunphy raised the subject of vulture funds. I responded by saying that if we continually referred to a broadcaster as “a vulture broadcaster”, the well of public sentiment would soon be so poisoned that rational discussion of the broadcaster’s merits and demerits would be impossible. Something similar … Read More

Solving the pensions crisis – a simple but direct proposal

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In a special article, business consultant Paul Molloy makes a simple but direct proposal for solving our pensions crisis: Most retirees will have insufficient income in retirement. For many it is too late. These are individuals who’ve not made regular and significant contributions to their pension scheme. Poverty, stress from ill health and psychological distress await. These are facts. And … Read More

Our Chairman talks to Eamon Dunphy about Conservatism and international affairs

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In a wide ranging and absorbing discussion, Hibernia Forum Chairman Cormac Lucey discusses the philosophy of modern Conservatism with the veteran broadcaster Eamon Dunphy. What are the big issues in the world today? Why are so many people in the West discontent despite rising prosperity and longevity ? Is the EU a German project, even by accident? Why does the … Read More