Our Chairman talks to Eamon Dunphy about Conservatism and international affairs

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In a wide ranging and absorbing discussion, Hibernia Forum Chairman Cormac Lucey discusses the philosophy of modern Conservatism with the veteran broadcaster Eamon Dunphy.

What are the big issues in the world today? Why are so many people in the West discontent despite rising prosperity and longevity ? Is the EU a German project, even by accident? Why does the Irish discourse focus so often on the needs of public sector workers as opposed to private sector or those in the gig economy? Can Varadkar deliver for those who get up early to work hard, or will he be subject the same short termism and populism that plagues Irish politics?

Plus, the growing public debt burden throughout the West, classic liberalism, Ryanair, our trade unions, the Irish media and why Margaret Thatcher would be spinning in her grave at the UK’s current spendthrift Tory Governments.

Comprehensive, refreshingly frank and well worth a listen !

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