Hibernia Forum talk on the future of pensions

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The Hibernia Forum is hosting a series of evening discussions over the next few months addressing some of the major issues facing Ireland. The format will involve two or three speakers on specific topics but ones connected to the wider economy and society.

The first such evening will be held in Buswells Hotel, Kildare Street, Dublin on Thursday 29th June, from 7-9pm. The plan is to have two speakers present, open the discussion to the floor and then adjourn to the bar.

Personal finance specialist Sinead Ryan (pictured) will talk about the coming ‘pensions time bomb’ and what is being down about it, as well as the public/private differential with so many Defined Benefit pension schemes now closing ahead of new legislation.

Brendan Burgess, of Ask About Money, (also pictured) will speak about the need to reform the current PRSI and social welfare system so as to reflect the reality that some pay into it all their life, and others don’t. Brendan proposes that people provide for their own periods of unemployment and retirement through a personal account system.

Both topics promise to offer a fascinating discussion and ones that will blend into a wider concern about whether Ireland is providing for the future or even for the present, and whether the tax/spending burden is being spread fairly. All are welcome to what should be a lively and enjoyable evening.

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