How Michael O’Leary could transform Irish politics

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  By Paul Molloy Could Michael O’Leary run for the Dail, win a seat and in a short time build a Dail majority and become the Taoiseach ?. Emmanuel Macron has proved it possible; amazing, because he did so in a country with a population of 67 million. Why do I believe Taoiseach O’Leary is possible? Firstly, because he has … Read More

Michael O’Leary’s use of freedom of the press terrifies Fintan O’Toole

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  By John Lalor Michael O’Leary is keeping Fintan O’Toole up nights. After inventing a problem (for himself) that does not exist, O’Toole fails to explain what’s wrong a Michael O’Leary takeover of the state. Seriously – this is straight out of PH Wodehouse and his character, Roderick Spode. Would it be that O’Leary is crass? Outside the eminently sensitive … Read More