Threat of a global debt landslide could still bury us all

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By Cormac Lucey Irish house prices rose by more than 12% last year. According to the stockbrokers Davy, this rate of increase isn’t sustainable — as sharp property price increases aren’t being matched by comparable jumps in incomes. In Dublin, prices have regained about two-thirds of the drop they suffered between 2008 and 2013. Rents, meanwhile, have surpassed boom-time levels. … Read More

Senate attendance farce shows our second chamber is beyond reform

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Eamon Delaney Apparently, just 13 out of our 60 Senators showed up in the Seanad last week to hear Health Minister Simon Harris speak about the appalling cervical cancer scandal. This is absolutely shocking and shows a contempt for what couldn’t be a more crucial issue, right now gripping the country. About the same derisory number of Senators attended EU Commissioner … Read More

RTE should just abandon the State crutches – and face the market

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Eamon Delaney Last week, it was revealed that despite all its cuts elsewhere (selling off land, and reforming its orchestras) our national broadcaster is still running its Aertel service, the antiquated tele text system which has been well overtaken by the internet and which most of us didn’t know it existed. The service costs €700,000 a year as a digital … Read More

What happens when our corporate tax regime is kicked into touch?

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By Cormac Lucey What does a sports team do if its star player gets injured and is unable to play or, even worse, is forced into retirement? The simple answer is that the coach needs to anticipate such eventualities and develop a pipeline that could replace the star. The Ireland rugby coach Joe Schmidt (pictured above) has managed two great … Read More

Hibernia Forum Celebrates World IP Day, Launches Open Letter to WIPO

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Dublin – World IP Day, Hibernia Forum in partnership with Property Rights Alliance, is proud to stand with content creators and rights holders around the world to fight for stronger, more effective intellectual property rights.  This year Hibernia Forum is especially proud to stand with women inventors and entrepreneurs, as stronger intellectual property rights helps incentivize greater participation of women in IP … Read More

We still don’t know about our full tax benefits and opportunities – and should find out

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By Paul Molloy Many small business owners have limited knowledge about tax. I have come across clients who have overpaid VAT for years, who are unaware of the many perfectly legitimate tax reliefs that are available to them and have limited access to this knowledge. We’re aware from the business press about how little tax Apple has paid on their … Read More

We need a new Ray MacSharry, with steel, to enact reforms Ireland needs

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By Cormac Lucey Last week Danny McCoy, chief executive of the employer’s group Ibec, warned that excessive wage inflation could undo Ireland’s hard-won economic recovery. “Right now, we’re burning through our competitiveness in a way that’s more severe than during the Celtic tiger,” he asserted, pointing to evidence on his very doorstep. Rents on Baggot Street in Dublin 2 (where … Read More

Ireland puts all its chips on multinationals, but the EU house wants its cut

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By Cormac Lucey The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is an intergovernmental economic think tank headquartered in Paris. The organisation published a detailed report on the Irish economy recently. Its conclusions regarding our recent performance were understandably positive, but it warned that the country’s economic prospects “are clouded in uncertainty”. The good news is that the robust economic … Read More