Wine hike is just another way to hurt the coping classes

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Wine – it is known as ‘the elixir of life’ and is a something that is a central part of life and society throughout Europe and North America. In countries with highly developed and distinct civilisations such as France and Italy, wine is a key characteristic and lubricant of the social and cultural rituals of their national identity and of … Read More

The Dangers of Over Education – what now for Third Level Progress?

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By Cormac Lucey One of the basic tenets of free market economics is that wealth is achieved through increases in productivity. This was the guiding force that powered the Industrial Revolution forwards whereby output per unit of labour was increased by the deployment of capital. Of course, the improvement in productivity led to the dislocation of labour. That led to … Read More

The Greatest Threat to the Irish Economy – damaging inward investment and MNCs

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Consider what Ireland would look like without its vibrant multinational sector. We might end up with the economic prosperity of some of the UK’s more far-flung regions such as south Wales, Humberside or, closer to home, Northern Ireland. The relative economic weakness of Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom is such that its public finances require an annual net subsidy … Read More

The Dangers of Quantitative Easing

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It’s not just since the Global Financial Crisis erupted in 2008 that central bankers have been worried about deflation. Things looked pretty bleak in the immediate wake of the US stock market bubble that peaked in 2000. Deflation was in the air and there were fears that the US might experience the sort of lost decade deflationary decade suffered by … Read More

No End to ‘Boom and Bust’ in Ireland

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Speaking ahead of last month’s spring statement to the Dáil, Finance Minister Michael Noonan warned against trying to “buy an election” and insisted that the Government must be prudent so the country never returns to the “boom and bust” model. He was echoing Public Expenditure and Reform Minister Brendan Howlin who said last autumn that he hopes that the cycle … Read More

The Eurozone Crisis- Germany is not Blameless

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The conventional narrative explaining our financial crisis blames it on Irish institutions and individuals. In a recent speech reflecting on the November 2010 EU-IMF Programme for Ireland, Central Bank Governor Patrick Honohan asserted that the first fact to be noted was that “It was the unrestrained and reckless and behaviour of the Irish banks that destabilised the Irish economy and … Read More

The Politicisation of National Budgetary Strategy

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On June 4th the Fiscal Advisory Council (FAC) published a report that was highly critical of the government’s budgetary strategy. The report stated that “Until Ireland reaches its Medium-Term Objective (MTO) of a balanced budget in structural terms, the Government is required to lower the structural deficit by 0.6 per cent of GDP each year. SPU 2015 sets out a … Read More

Greece on the brink

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Greece is a country that has always been apart in Europe From the Irish Daily Mail, 1 February 2015 Greece now stands on the brink. It has elected a left-wing government which is expecting to get a major write off of its massive debt. Without that, it will have no option but to leave the Euro. ‘We will not seek … Read More

Why give free GP care to all those under 6?

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Why give free GP care to all those under 6, regardless of means, when the rest of the health service urgently needs resources?   Minister James Reilly may have got his plain packaging proposal for cigarettes over the line, but it’s not such plain sailing with his plan to give free GP care to all children under six years of … Read More