So who really bore the burden of our recession and recovery ?

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By Cormac Lucey The question of who bore the brunt of the bitter economic adjustment Ireland faced in the years immediately following 2008, as economic boom turned to bust, has always attracted heavy political attention. It’s also attracted academic attention as various experts have trawled through the data to measure the impact of the bust on different social strata. The … Read More

Volatile tax system drives wedge between singles and married

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  By Cormac Lucey Back in the dark and distant days of the 1980s, Ireland’s tax burden on workers was very large and was a significant impediment to employment. High income taxes were a key factor in the soaring levels of unemployment at the time. In the intervening years, thankfully, that situation has improved dramatically. A new report by the … Read More

We still don’t know about our full tax benefits and opportunities – and should find out

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By Paul Molloy Many small business owners have limited knowledge about tax. I have come across clients who have overpaid VAT for years, who are unaware of the many perfectly legitimate tax reliefs that are available to them and have limited access to this knowledge. We’re aware from the business press about how little tax Apple has paid on their … Read More