RTE should live by the market and not subsidies and a TV Tax

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Eamon Delaney      Irish Independent Are you enjoying RTE’s quality coverage of the big events at the moment, like on TV’s Prime Time or Claire Byrne Live or the Late Debate over on radio. No, me neither. I haven’t seen their coverage of possible war over North Korea, or analysis of Trump’s antics or debate about whether Leo’s taking … Read More

RTE licence fee is an outdated TV tax and unfair to competitors

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A possible Fianna Fáil coalition with Sinn Féin, or with Fine Gael; Enda Kenny saying he won’t go for more than another term; Renua setting out its stall on various policies. It’s been a busy month for politics, and a busy summer indeed. But you wouldn’t know it from our national broadcaster, RTÉ, which is on its customary seasonal shut … Read More